1. Focusing on outcomes

The most common measure of fairness in university admissions is the number of applications made by students. We focus on improving offer rates rather than increasing applications. Programmes seek to realize aspirations not merely to raise them. 

2.  Sustained classroom support 

Our programmes are designed by pedagogical experts and structured for use in the classroom. The emphasis is not on university visits or one-off events. Support is given throughout the applications process and particularly in the final and most decisive stages. 

3. Reducing the application burden

Each year, university applications take up valuable time and energy within schools. We reduce the application burden by providing resources which lessens teachers' workloads and enable students to focus on their grades.

4. Building capacity in schools

We work to improve practice within schools. The Network provides teachers and senior managers a set of tested strategies which can improve the quality of applications without requiring additional time.

5. Universal provision

Our programmes provide support for all students irrespective of their chosen course or university. Resources cover all subjects from Nursing to Law, and Economics to Anthropology. Making a strong application is an important part of the transition from school to university. All students should benefit not just those applying to the most competitive courses.

6. Subject-specific enrichment

Applying to university can be an arduous task. Each aspect of the application can, however, be used positively to help students to understand the transition from school to university. Our programmes provide subject-specific enrichment opportunities for students who are exposed to high-level analysis, critical thinking and research skills.

7. Expert delivery

All our programmes are delivered by trained teachers and experienced academics who have a full understanding of the complexities of the university application process.