We design and deliver teacher programmes and specific events for university partners. Our work is based on the latest available research and understands the needs of low-progression schools.

[Causeway] delivered a session at our annual Teacher’s Conference that was undoubtedly the highlight of the whole day for the delegates. The session was eye-opening and incredibly informative – even our staff learnt a thing or two!
— Lee McMahon, Goldsmiths University

Teacher-facing programmes

Our current suite of programmes have a particular focus on achieving systemic change in schools and colleges through engaging teachers.

We have conducted research into the systems used for supporting students in over 150 UK schools and colleges. This research feeds directly into delivery and ensures that the sessions have something to offer for institutions with different needs.

Access Champions Programme

Access Champions empowers senior members of staff to lead changes in their institutions and improve HE progression rates. The programme launches in regions around the UK in 2017.

Teacher-facing events

Our programmes include workshops and masterclasses on the following topics:

  • Making application systems more effective for students and efficient for staff
  • Supporting students with a structured programme through the application process
  • Avoiding the common "break points" in student applications
  • Prioritising and implementing small-scale changes to current systems
  • Writing effective references in line with the latest research