OSCAR is our online system for improving university applications and references, built using the latest research


  • Subject-specific pathways for all major UCAS areas developed by academics and teachers.
  • Teachers can monitor the progress of individual students and cohorts.
  • Each pathway allows students to analyse a topic of interest in the manner of an undergraduate offering an outstanding opportunity for enrichment and stretch.

In detail

Research base

Dr Steven Jones' Sutton Trust report on the personal statement pointed to systematic disparities in the quality of personal statements written in the state and private sectors leading to different offer rates, despite the two groups of students achieving the same grades.

Subject pathways

Dr Jones' findings led to the development of the Academic Apprenticeship programme featuring structured pathways developed by academics and teachers. When evaluated, 100% of students received at least one offer from a Russell Group university.


When used in schools, OSCAR has been shown to improve offer rates and reduce the amount of time teachers have to spend on applications. The system provides subject-specific support and enrichment for all students irrespective of their course and university choices.



Students get resources and a structured programme which is proven to increase their chances of getting a university offer. Activities which encourage students to analyse a topic of interest in the manner of an undergraduate provide an excellent opportunity for enrichment.


The OSCAR system reduces staff workloads and strengthens teacher support for personal statement writing. Subject-specific pathways are available and OSCAR guides teachers in providing efficient and targeted feedback. Teachers can use the system to monitor the progress of their cohorts.


Senior managers

The OSCAR system provides a means of overseeing all applications within a school. Giving teachers access to up-to-date resources and activities ensures that key messages about personal statements and references are co-ordinated across a school or college.